Nebbia: Formula’s First Air Shock


Reliable, simple to set up, and easy to adapt. The Nebbia air shock lets you concentrate on what matters most: the ride.



Simple to set up:

The Nebbia is easy to set up but also highly tunable.

In testing we’ve found that most riders can achieve the ride feel they want with very few adjustments – set the sag, adjust the rebound and go.

The frequency design on the shaft helps riders visually work out their sag settings. Our zero-loss shock pump, included with the shock, makes accurate adjustment of air pressure easy.



The Nebbia has a wide range of rebound adjustment with each click making a noticeable difference. This makes getting your preferred setup easy. It also means there is no need for a specific rebound tune for your frame. The setting you need is just a few clicks away.

Our Compression Tuning System (CTS) uses rider-changeable valves to tune the low to mid-speed compression damping. There’s no need for a frame-specific tune or to send your shock off to have the shim stack adjusted, you can do it yourself at home. And, if you don’t like the results, you can just as easily reverse the changes. The Nebbia comes with three CTS valves: gold (light compression), orange (mid compression), green (firm compression).

The compression switch has three positions: open, platform and firm. Behind the switch is a shim stack and like our CTS valves it’s removable and tunable. This is factory-set at the moment.



Neopos was developed for our air-spring forks. These add mid-stroke support, but unlike a hard plastic volume spacer, allow for the full range of travel to be used and do not create additional pressure on the seals. The Nebbia uses the same technology we do in our forks, but in a slightly different shape. Installation is as simple as opening the air can.

Clip-in spacers allow you to change the stroke of the shock in minutes. If your current frame uses a shock with a 65mm stroke and your new frame uses a 60mm stroke, you don’t need to send your shock off to be adjusted. Unscrew the air can, pop in the spacers and reassemble. This makes the Nebbia an investment that can last longer than your current frame. Or even your next one.

Easy to adapt:

The best components are those you don’t think about. They just let you enjoy the ride. What stands out about the Nebbia is that it disappears beneath you.



The hybrid coil and air negative spring reduces the amount of initial breakaway force required, giving fine sensitivity and traction early on in the travel. Deeper into the travel the characteristics of the shock can be tuned to suit riding style and trail with the CTS valves and Neopos volume spacers. From super-progressive to linear, how your shock feels is up to you.

Compared to an internal floating piston (IFP), we believe the bladder used in the Nebbia’s piggyback has better sensitivity and speed of response, which should be noticeable on a series of small bumps in quick succession. A bladder also runs cooler giving more consistent performance, even on long descents.

The polyurethane bottom-out bumper gives a calm, quiet and comfortable end to the shock’s travel, no harsh bottom-outs.


Performance and reliability are always a balance. We have found that 60 hours between minor services and 125 hours for major services is the right balance for an air shock.

Reliability is something we work hard on. But we believe in giving real-world guidance on servicing rather than making up figures to sound impressive.



When it is time for a service, the Nebbia is easy to work on. Minor services don’t require specialist tools and can be done at home. We recommend that you send your shock off to a Formula service center for major services but, if you are confident and have the correct equipment, this too can be done in a home workshop.

Like all Formula products, the Nebbia is covered by our ten-year service promise. That means we guarantee you will still be able to get your shock serviced and find parts and upgrades ten years from now.

Find out more about the Nebbia here.