The CTS Pack expands the tuning options of your fork dramatically. Finally, you get what you’ve always been looking for: full control over your fork. Changing the damping of your fork with the CTS enables you to get something that a simple knob can’t deliver.


Suspension tuning can be a very frustrating experience for a rider. In the case of a fork, for example, you have to take it off the bike, send it to a tuning shop for a paid service, then stay without bike for at least a week or two, lose the warranty and cross your fingers that everything goes well. Because if something does not go as planned, the process must be repeated from scratch.


With the CTS, tuning the damping becomes something anyone can do. You do not have to disassemble your fork, you can easily replace the CTS valve directly on the fork while it’s still mounted on the bike, even without the aid of a bike stand. All you need is a suspension pump, an Allen wrench, and 5 minutes of your time.


Thanks to the CTS system, not only is the custom tuning operation simple and fast, but it is also completely reversible. That means you can experiment with different CTS valves to find the perfect setting for your riding style, just like pros do. With the CTS system anyone can find, simply and quickly, a personalized setting suited to his specific riding style.


Experimenting with differents CTS valves also means having more forks in one. For the weekend ride with friends you can choose a more comfortable setup, while for an enduro race you can give your fork a “race-ready” setup in just 5 minutes. Using CTS technology means having a suspension that delivers a great performance to the most diverse riding conditions.

Eight colors, eight different behaviors.

The CTS range consists of eight valves that transform the way your fork behaves. These are not modifications effected through the use of traditional external controls. The CTS valve is a fundamental structural part of the hydraulic cartridge, changing the valve means changing the cartridge itself, modifying fork’s behaviour.

8 different valves for the most diverse riding conditions


High flow

The Violet valve is the most open high-speed valve of all colors. It is perfect for those seeking a lighter ride and who enjoy feeling the wheels covering the entire floor. The valve provides optimal stability and comfort, even on rough and rocky trails, making it an ideal choice for leisure riders. This valve allows for the highest flow on high-speed compressions while still providing excellent support.


The cornerstone

The Gold valve is the closest to the “industry-standard” set-up of a MTB fork: great sensitivity in the first two centimeters of travel, the right amount of support at low and medium speeds, and a constant though gentle progressivity. A setting that allows riders with different riding styles to have comfort and support, combined with the advantage to use always all the available travel.


More progressivity

The Orange valve is suitable for conditions where you need maximum sensitivity in the first two centimeters of the travel, combined with a greater support at low and medium speeds, all while having a more pronounced progressivity towards the end of the travel. The Orange valve be suit for those riders who are looking for more progressivity from their fork, without wanting to change the behavior of the fork at low and medium speeds.


Race with support

The Green valve is dedicated to hard-fought pure racing. Like in any race setup, performance is more preferred than comfort. With the Green valve you get a setting that leaves a very sensitive first two centimeters of travel, but also gives maximum compression support at medium and high speeds. The Green valve is suitable for riders who aggressively load the front wheel. A setting without compromise, and a pronounced progressivity that’s designed for those conditions in which the only thing to do is to challenge the clock.


Maximum comfort

Silver valve is designed to give maximum comfort at low speeds as well as throughout the first part of the travel. A setting designed to get a feeling of infinite travel up to halfway through the travel, all without giving up the indispensable support at high speeds. Suitable for all those riders that make comfort and sensitivity the two essential characteristics of a fork.


Comfort and support

The Blue valve has been designed to combine comfort and support. With this valve you get that feeling of having lots of travel available without giving up a sustained behavior at high speeds. The Blue valve has a more pronounced progressivity, for that reason it makes the fork more suitable for those riding styles that look for comfort at lower speeds and support at the higher speeds.


Race with mildness

The Red valve is designed for a rather special setup. In the race context, we tend to favor a very progressive setting and maybe sacrifice a bit of comfort. With the Red valve you get a racing setup at high speeds combined with great comfort at low speeds. It’s particularly suitable for those riders which have a fairly central riding position on the bike, and who have basically a very smooth style. The Red valve is the “keep-the-momentum” race option.


E-Bike racing specific

The Electric Blue valve is designed for E-Bike Racing, a very new and upcoming discipline. A setting that transfers the behavior of the Green valve onto the typical stress of the E-Bike. Basically, a heavier bike with a greater inertia while braking. The Electric Blue valve is suitable for all E-Bike lovers who want to challenge the race field.

5-minute installation

Thanks to a range of 8 valves, all riders will be able to cover every type of specific requirement. With CTS technology we’ve brought the evolution of mountain bike suspension to a new level of precision and reliability.