10 Year Support Promise

We promise to support all our products for at least ten years.

Every product we make will have parts, spares and support available for at least ten years. This isn’t exclusive to new products – if you already own a Formula or Tech product made after 2017, we offer the same commitment.

All our products also come with a two-year transferable warranty. If you buy a used product that is less than two years old, we will honor that warranty.

Why we offer this

We are an engineering company; we make high-performance products designed to last. We don’t believe in model years, and planned obsolescence or making a product to a price point. We want you to know that you can get the parts and support you need to keep your products working for at least ten years.

We are riders too. We know that being able to sell components you no longer need helps make ownership more affordable and sustainable. A well-made product with a transferable warranty that can be easily rebuilt holds its value better. Buying a used product shouldn’t come with a penalty in terms of warranty or repairability.


We believe in a long-term commitment to our products and our customers.