Cargo Bike Brake

Utile is a hydraulic brake system specifically designed for cargo bikes, longtails and city bikes. Its robust construction provides longer service intervals, lower maintenance costs, and safer riding.

Built To Last

Long-lasting brake pads with a semi-metallic compound reduce maintenance costs and have been proven to last up to 10,000kms.

The system uses DOT4 oil and a steel braided brake hose. The recommended service interval is every 20,000kms / two years.

The levers, master cylinders, and calipers are made from forged and anodized aluminum, making them durable in all weather conditions and strong enough to handle the braking forces.

Power With Control

The ratio between the four finger brake lever, master cylinder piston size and master cylinder capacity results in precise and accurate braking action.

The large master cylinder and two-piston calipers provide the braking power.

The brake lever has an adjustable reach for customized comfort.

Suitable For All Bikes

Utile’s precise braking action means it is suitable for all types of utility bikes, from family city bikes to commercial cargo bikes that can carry up to 500 kg.

OEM Options

OEM options include a parking lock-out system for three-wheeled cargo bikes and connected brake lights. Please CONTACT US for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.