GeoMetron is the new Formula Distributor in UK

UK is a country with mountain biking in its DNA, a place full of passionate and skilled riders. We’ve been looking for the right partner for a long time since we wanted to make the right choice in order to support UK riders with the best option on the market. There are not many companies that can boast twenty years of experience in the industry like GeoMetron/Mojo. Their knowledge is incredible and it’s second only to their passion. Their dedication to riders is unbelievable. We could not hope for a better partner.

Giacomo Becocci (Formula Vice President): “As a fan of this sport I have been following the work of Chris Porter and his team for a long time. These guys have always been at the forefront of innovation, and they still are. Partnering with a company like GeoMetron is truly an honor for us. We will do our best to support their projects and their customers. I am sure that together we will achieve outstanding goals“.

Chris Porter (GeoMetron Bikes): “In order to find the innovation and the focus on performance in the mountain bike industry, it is necessary to seek out the smaller, performance-driven companies rather than the industry behemoths. It is these fast moving, flexible companies who can react to changing markets and even influence the market. Here at GeoMetron we strive to offer no compromise performance and we want to provide the best suspension solutions as part of that goal. It will be a pleasure working with Formula and helping them to strengthen their reputation in the UK!

GeoMetron will control the distribution of all Formula products in the UK and will take care of service and warranties. For more information about GeoMetron visit: WebsiteFacebookInstagram.

All photos by Alex Luise

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