Rock solid choice for gravity

The fastest line is a line without compromises. If you have to corner at high speed or if you have to land on rock after a jump, you have no choice, you have to do it. Linea G are designed for facing up to the most extreme situations and for taking the hardest knocks.

In gravity disciplines, wheels are one of the most important components. Often people concentrate on suspension setting, on tyre pressure or brake position – all important factors – but sometimes we forget that if our wheel won’t stand up to the impact, to the rough treatment, to the rocks, the roots, then all effort expended in finding the right set up for the bike will be useless. When your wheels aren’t up to the level of stress you put them under, your run is over.

Linea G have been tested under extreme conditions. It doesn’t matter how hard the rock is, or how fast you’re riding, Linea G will do what they’ve been created for – allowing you to keep enjoy your run under any condition. Resistance, stability, reliability, these are all factors where Linea G accepts no compromises. Choose your line, stay focused, Linea G wheels let you follow it to the end.

  • FCT Formula
  • Wide Position Design