To innovate, we must necessarily change. If we remain followers in life, if we restrict ourselves to doing only what others have already done, then there will never be room for progress. Fortunately, the world is full of people who want to change the rules, dreamers who look towards the future as a new and unexplored horizon.

Formula was born with innovation in its DNA. We are not interested in replicating what already exists, we want to explore new territories, we want to experiment with new technologies. When you walk on unexplored roads you can get lost, you can fall, but the most important thing is to get up and get on the road again. Changing the rules of the game, that’s what really matters. A change is not always an improvement, but we must change in order to improve.

Three years ago, we started a new adventure at Formula, but we are still at the beginning of a long, interesting journey. In recent months we have started a conversation with riders asking: “What do you want to change?”. Today we present our strapline. We like to think that we are at a new starting point, a different way of looking at the challenges that the future has in store for us.






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