Reliable, simple to set up, and easy to adapt. The Nebbia air shock lets you concentrate on what matters most: the ride.

Simple to set up

On the trail the Nebbia is everything you’d expect from Formula, delivering comfort, composure and control. A coil and air hybrid negative spring combined with a bladder oil reservoir gives fine levels of sensitivity and grip while our Neopos system allows quick and easy tuning for the mid- and end-stroke. A simple polyurethane bump-stop prevents harsh bottom outs without the need for complex hydraulics.

Easy to adapt

The Nebbia is designed to work on every bike, from short-travel trail bikes through to downhill race bikes. Change the stroke without tools. Using a simple, clip-in spacers you can reduce your stroke by 2.5, 5 or 7.5mm to suit your frame and riding preferences. With an ultra-wide range of rebound adjustment and our Compression Tuning System (CTS) there is no need for a specific shock tune for your frame either. The settings you need are just a few clicks away.


Formula’s first air shock is all new but well-proven. Built with the same technical expertise behind our MOD coil shock and trials moto shocks, the Nebbia is easily serviced at home. Like all Formula products, it is covered by our ten-year service promise. That means we guarantee you will still be able to get your shock serviced and find parts and upgrades a decade from now.

The best components are those you don’t have to think about. Much like the mist it is named after, the Nebbia is engineered to disappear beneath you.