Essencial for extension

We found your most daring version. The Mod has a new version for downhill, prepared for the steepest and most difficult descents and for the most extreme competitions. Maintains the same shape and originality derived from the enduro version with the sensitivity, feeling, reliability, performance and tuning possibilities by now known.

This downhill Mod version is mainly designed for new metric sizes of dh frames and geometrically so there are no losses. This take advantage of the maximum amount of travel available from the shock absorber. It is prepared for the steepest and hardest downhill descents.

The normal version of Mod was the first shock to have CTS (Compression Tuning System) and the downhill version will also use the CTS. The CTS allow every rider to fine-tune the rear suspension simply and effectively. The High Flow design of the damping allows for uncompromising reliability. Thanks to its large-volume bladder, the Mod manages to have very low friction and excellent small bump compliance.

When it comes to Downhill, lockout takes a back seat, so we thought it appropriate to maximize the hydraulic operation by simplifying it rather than adding components that force the oil to pass through it and therefore to overheat.