Limited Edition

We built Josh ‘Rat Boy’ Bryceland his perfect fork. Now it’s available for you.

Limited edition – only 100 forks

170mm of travel

29-inch lowers

New low-progression air spring

Special Compression Tuning System valve, developed by Josh

Custom Ratty graphics and laser etching

When we asked Josh what his ideal fork would feel like he told us that he wanted lots of traction and comfort at the beginning of the stroke, then to ramp up hard to soak up the hits. We had ideas how to achieve this, so we met up with Josh to do some testing on his home trails.

Custom CTS
We built Josh a custom Compression Tuning System valve. An evolution of the red CTS valve, this new valve maintains comfort and traction at the start of the stroke, then ramps up even more at the end.

New Low-Progression Air Spring
We fitted a low-progression air spring to Josh’s fork. Using the same hardware as our well-proven single air spring, this air assembly has a larger positive chamber to give a less progressive spring curve, making it easier to use all the travel.

The combination of the custom CTS and low-progression air spring gave Josh a fork with initial sensitivity for feel and grip, while retaining stability. To finish things off, we created custom Ratty graphics – which Josh used on his bike at Red Bull Hardline – and laser etching.

Josh now has his perfect fork, and we want other riders to have the opportunity to try it.

Find out more about the new low-progression air spring and CTS here.