The 2Air technology allows a very precise tuning of the air side. Thanks to the two separate chambers (Silver & Bronze), the 2Air technology of the Selva R redefines the concept of custom tuning.

There is no setting you cannot reach


Adjusting the air side with the 2Air system is very simple, you just need to follow the pressures suggested on the pressure chart you’ll find on the fork. The standard setting shows always the negative chamber (Bronze) with 20psi more than the positive chamber (Silver). But there’s still a lot more: if you want to get different feelings, you can change pressure in the negative chamber (Bronze) within a range from a minimum of 10psi to a maximum of 30psi more than the positive chamber (Silver).

SILVER (main)


The 2Air technology is designed to achieve the highest level of customization in an air fork. By changing the pressure in the positive chamber (Silver – main chamber) you can decide how much support you have from the fork according to your weight and/or riding style.

BRONZE (sensitivity)


Thanks to the 2Air system, it’s possible to manage fork’s response in the first part of the travel by modifying the pressure in the negative chamber (Bronze). By adjusting this, you can control the small-bumps compliance of the fork and fine-tune the suppleness of the fork in the initial travel. In a traditional air fork with two air chambers and just one air valve this is factory set and not adjustable.

High Pressure Pump


Every Selva R fork is equipped with a cutting-edge high pressure pump compatible with all suspension brands. If you want to personalise your setup, the 2Air system gives you almost limitless possibilities.

With the 2Air system, every rider will have the freedom to adapt the fork to its riding style in a simple, fast and effective way.