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British Columbia is undoubtedly at the heart of mountain biking. An incredible region, full of history, riders and amazing trails. A place where the history of this sport has been written on every rock, root or north shore that can be found in the woods. A strategic region for Formula, a place in which to be present does not mean only doing business, but it means, above all, to pay homage to what is considered by everyone to be a mountain bike temple.



Thanks to the collaboration with Alba Distribution, Formula strengthens its presence in Canada like never before. Alba Distribution is not just a distributor, but a company made of riders, passionate and enthusiastic guys who have made mountain biking not just a job, but a lifestyle. People with a pedigree in the world of mountain biking and with experience working at the highest levels. An extraordinary mix of passion, technical knowledge and motivation that makes Alba Distribution the ideal partner for Formula in Canada.



Giacomo Becocci (Formula Vice President): “Partnering with Alba Distribution is a fundamental step for our company. Canada is a key country for our international distribution and it was crucial for us to choose a partner that we share not only the passion for our products, but above all the passion for this sport. The only way to make high quality products is to use them, to love them. You can not excel in something that you’re not passionate for, that’s why the partnership with Alba Distribution is the best we could wish for “.



We couldn’t be more excited about working with Formula. Formula’s experience in the industry and attention to detail combine to create products about which we are very enthusiastic. We are especially looking forward to working with the new generation of Formula suspension (Selva, Nero), brakes (Cura), and wheels (Linea)“. – Matt Cooper/Ben Arnott (Alba Distribution)





Alba distribution is one of Canada’s newest supply companies. Located in Whistler, British Columbia, Alba specializes in bicycle part distribution, warranty, and service. Calling British Columbia’s Sea to Sky corridor home allows the Alba riders to rigorously assess new products, making sure customers are provided with only the very best.











Alba Distribution will be distributing Formula’s quality suspension, brakes and wheels in Canada, as well as heading up warranty claims and service. More information about the products, as well as contact information, can be found at www.albadistribution.ca or follow Alba on Instagram and Facebook  (@albadistribution).


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