Victorious in Leogang – Cura brakes back on top with Finn Iles


The course of Leogang, despite not being technical in a traditional way, became an incredible test of skill when raced at the speed that the world’s best can go. Finn Iles (Specialized Gravity) managed to take home another victory, the second in the season out of three races. The Canadian now leads the overall in the junior category and confirms himself as one of the most skilled young guns in recent years.



Iles pulled together a race run with a time of 3:15,472, something that would have put him in sixteenth place in the elite category. Juniors setting getting times that place them in the elite top 20 are rare, but Iles is proving himself to be up there with the top men with a season left in junior.



There was a lot of anticipation around last Sundays race in Leogang. After the huge storm in Lourdes and after lots of crashes in Fort William, Leogang was the real start of the season for many riders. The track was extremely fast and definitely highlights individual riding skills. The weather was perfect, meaning everyone had a chance to ride at their best on Sunday’s final.



Finn Iles said: “Really stoked about the race in Leogang. I’ve rode like I wanted on race day and I felt really comfortable on my bike. I was able to carry speed everywhere and this helped me to take the win. The brakes were perfect all the weekend, I’ve never had any problems. No fading or anything like that, really stoked on the weekend.”.



The Cura brakes showed once again to excel in any kind of situation. The average speed in Leogang is very high, making this course the perfect field test for a brake system. Speeds average over 40km/h for the top riders, and they control this in part by feathering their rear brake. This means huge stress on the system and overheating is always a possibility. Cura brakes showed again their capability, a brake system that highlights how simplicity and reliability are the most important ingredients of an innovative design.



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