Setting the air side of your mtb fork


Talking about fork setup too often, we focus only on the damping. This is because most of the forks do not allow a real setting of the air side. The air side is often overlooked. With the air, you can only set the sag or try, more or less, to control the progressivity, this is what people say. But you can do way more, the air side of your fork can play a significant role in characterizing the behavior of your bike. With the right technology, you can act not only on sag but also on small bumps compliance.
Today we explain to you the 2Air technology of our Selva R. We’ll point out why we took such a different approach, and why we think the 2Air system can benefit many riders, especially those focused on racing.
To do this we got help from the Sunn Enduro Team. Their team rider Kevin Miquel managed to finish the season with a fantastic third place in the Enduro World Series overall. Not so bad as the first year of racing for the Selva R.


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