Delivering Durability

Introducing our new utility products: the Cargo Fork and the Utile Brake.

These products are designed for high performance whilst also lowering the total cost of ownership. That is achieved via high quality engineering that extends service intervals and lengthens the product lifespan.


The recommended service interval for both the Cargo Fork and Utile Brake is 20,000kms or every two years.

The long-life brake pads fitted to the Utile Brake have been proven to last up to and beyond 10,000kms in field tests.

Easy Maintenance & Repair

The design of both products means servicing and repair is quicker and easier. The Cargo Fork has been designed for modular repair meaning fork lowers, crown, and stanchion tubes can be easily replaced if required.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

Reduced servicing and repair/replacement costs means the lifetime cost of our utility products is lower over several years of ownership. Applied to a fleet of bikes, the savings can be substantial. In addition, increasing the uptime of each bike helps increase the deliveries made and therefore protects turnover.

Specific Design & Performance

The Cargo Fork includes a steering rod mount integrated into the crown for direct and safer control of the bike.

On the Utile Brake, the ratio between the four finger brake lever, master cylinder piston size and master cylinder capacity results in precise and accurate braking action that is unrivalled in this category.

OEM Options

OEM options for the Utile Brake include a parking lock-out system for three-wheeled cargo bikes and connected brake lights.

Options for the Cargo Fork include a tapered steerer tube, mounts for different brake rotor sizes and a cable steering mount integrated into the crown

For more details and specifications, click HERE.

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