Back on the podium


Dry conditions, dusty terrain, excellent trails that start from the top of a rock and plunge down to the Atlantic Ocean. This is Madeira, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful EWS races. An extraordinary place for all the riders who are lucky enough to take part in the race, but even more special for those riders for whom Madeira is home. José Borges (Team Miranda BH) is the current Portuguese champion, and in Madeira, he has shown that he deserves that jersey, and he did it in front of his people.

The race course in Madeira is tough, both for riders and bikes. More than 60km on the pedals and 3600 meters of straight downhill. On these lengths, every second matter and being able to count on the reliability of the bike is crucial for self-confidence.




Enduro is not an easy discipline, it’s not just about speed, you have to be consistent. With the race in Madeira José proved to be a top-level enduro racer, a rider capable of excellent results.

Josè Borges: “For three years now I have been racing with the Selva and, year after year, the fork always works flawlessly. The possibilities of custom tuning are almost endless. By working with CTS and Neopos I can always find a suitable setting for every race in a very short time. Every adjustment is damn effective. The Selva is a really versatile fork, it can cover a range of use that goes from the rookie to the pro”.









The race in Madeira was truly incredible, a proper fight up to the last special stage. Watch the video recap to relive the excitement of this wonderful race in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo credits: Kike Abelleira for Miranda Bike Parts



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