Linea 3


Enduro is undoubtedly a discipline that puts component design to the hardest test. Light weight must be associated with the performance and reliability that are typical of downhill products. Linea 3 wheels have been designed to satisfy the requirements of next generation enduro riding. The aluminium rim with a width of 30 mm is ideal for the most aggressive endurance riding.
The rear hub represents the best of what today’s technology can produce.

The incredible smoothness of the wheel made possible by the Wide Position Design (WPD), sets a new bar on solidity to the rear hub that was unthinkable previously. Full Contact Technology (FCT) protects the bearings from water and mud infiltrations, ensuring long-lasting performance. With the Easy Maintenance System, you will have no difficulty performing ordinary maintenance.

The standard sizes of 29” and 27,5”, together with the availability of both boost and standard hubs, make Linea 3 wheels right for all types of riding. A must for Enduro, Linea 3 wheels will become your riding partner.

  • FCT Formula
  • Wide Position Design