Made for track and road use on a variety of bikes from mini-GP racers to supermotos and mid-engined road bikes. Tested and proven in competition, the larger master cylinders and fixed radial-mounted calipers provide strong predictable braking.

The front brake can be configured in two different options depending on the motorcycle and the intended use. The two piston caliper can be doubled up and combined with a larger master cylinder for use on motorcycles with dual front brake rotors. The four piston caliper is recommended for single disc larger capacity bikes such as supermotos.

Options available for OEM customers include customized brake lines and brake light switch functions (subject to conditions).


  • Larger calipers and master cylinders for more power
  • Fixed, radial-mounted calipers
  • Dual caliper set-up – 2 x double piston (26mm) calipers
  • Single caliper set-up – 1 x four piston (28mm) caliper
  • Customisable brake lines for OEM customers
  • Optional light switch function (hydraulic or mechanical) for OEM customers