Stopping Power

A competition brake, customized for the smaller bike and proven as the OEM brake of choice for the world’s top off-road brands.

The 50cc brake is available with two master cylinder mounting options for control of the rear brake via handlebar lever or by traditional foot pedal. The front and rear calipers are equipped with two phenolic pistons to provide effective braking without overheating. Developed in conjunction with KTM over two decades, the 50cc brake provides competition level braking performance.


  • Official OEM brake for KTM, Husqvarna & Gas Gas 50cc MX models
  • Adjustable forged aluminum front lever
  • Two master cylinder mounting and control options for the rear brake (handlebar lever or foot pedal)
  • Forged and anodized aluminum master cylinders and calipers
  • Phenolic caliper pistons
  • Optional upgrade to steel braided brake hose for OEM customers