Tomorrow is built with today's ideas

A path of innovation, never stop experimenting,
never stop imagining new solutions.


Since the beginning of our story, the word which has always guided us has been one: “innovation”.  For years we have experimented in the motor biking world, to then take all our knowledge into the mountain biking world.
Innovation, the search for new solutions, the desire to tread new paths into the unknown, have been the ideas which have always driven us in our choices, which have set our course.



A never ending journey


We began with the challenge of braking systems, and we created the first mountain bike brake in the history of this sport.  We then decided to produce our first forks and the results thrilled us.

We succeeded in giving riders the most sophisticated and evolved forks that mountain biking has ever seen. A new benchmark in the industry.



Continuous innovation


For these reasons, due to the course taken so far, our aim is to continue along the path of innovation, putting our knowledge and our experience at the service of riders.
Our natural vocation is to experiment  in the widest and most complete range of products for mountain bikes and motorbikes possible.



Dedication to our values


There will not be any stops in our research and development  departments, our designers will always boost us with innovative ideas, our tests will be more and more reliable and tougher, while our production  will be tirelessly focused on the best quality possible for the final result.
These elements describe what we are, they translate our vision, leading us into the future.