Nero fork steps on DH World Cup podium


It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’nroll, but what we achived three days ago in Leogang is definitely a very important step. Thx to the amazing job of Henry Kerr and the Propain Dirt Sixpack Team, we managed to put on a DH world cup podium, for the very first time, a suspension. Henry Kerr scores an outstanding third place in the junior category. Great show and super tight race in Leogang, the top 3 in junior were all in two seconds and a half.

For us it’s a dream come true, we put so much effort in order to build the best suspension out there and see the Nero R on a World Cup podium less than one year after its official launch is nothing but amazing. There is so much to do ahead of us, but, you know, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We’re here to do our part, we’ll continue support our riders with the all our knowledge and all our passion. We’ll help them to be faster and faster, every single run down the hill. We’re so excited for the future to come that we can’t wait to be on race field again. Thanks for the amazing job Henry, we’re proud to support you and the Propain Dirt Sixpack. Now, it’s time to look ahead of us.




















All photos by Alex Luise

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