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Compact cargo bike brake

[Cura Cargo] is a proven mountain bike performance brake system redesigned for cargo bike application.

The Cura calipers are equipped with two 24mm pistons which deliver powerful braking in a compact package. They are recommended for use on cargo bikes with a load capacity of up to […..] kgs.

With master cylinders, calipers and levers constructed from forged aluminum combined with steel-braided brake hoses, the [Cura Cargo] delivers durability and extended service intervals. Long-life, semi-metallic compound brake pads extend service intervals even further.

The Cura Cargo lever has been ergonomically redesigned with a flatter middle and [ball-end/head] to ensure riders can control the brake application safely and easily. Formula’s TFRA (Tool Free Reach Adjustment) allows brake set-up according to rider, thus ensuring all-day comfort.

[Optional] brake hoses featuring Formula’s speed lock technology allow for quick and easy disconnection and re-connection of the brake hose so it can be cut to the cargo bike’s specifications. This function also makes servicing the brakes more efficient.

Formula’s optional MixMaster handlebar clamp enables mounting of gear shifters directly to the brake assembly, freeing up space on the bars for accessories such as GPS mount.