Formula ROR Brake Logo

The Downhill brake developed by the Pro’s

ROR is the next level downhill racing brake. When we designed the pull-style master cylinder, the idea was to keep the power of our radial master cylinder, but allow the lever to be adjusted closer to the bar. ROR features a unique master cylinder design which creates a light lever action by reducing friction and wear for a better lever feel over the life of the brake.

On top of that, ROR also features our patent pending oval piston technology. This simple idea creates a brake with more power than four pistons brakes while maintaining the reliability and weight of a two piston brake.

With the Pelham Blue Anodized finish the ROR is the replica of what Formula athletes use to achieve their goals in the extremely competitive field of professional downhill racing. Not only designed to be a “downhill world cup” level brake, the ROR is the perfect tool for any mountain bike discipline where lightweight, brake power and reliability are key elements.

Formula Brake Freno ROR