Cura-E Logo Formula

Designed with E-Bike in mind

In recent years, e-bikes have become a mountain bike phenomenon with great market interest and growth. A discipline that demands a different approach to the design of components, a way of riding that requires specific technology. The stress placed on brakes by e-bikes is the same as a downhill bike, if not greater. Heavier bikes going on long descents, for epic long rides.

The fact that you are able to maintain higher average speeds may even mean braking on climbs. An e-bike brake must out perform all others in terms of power and reliability. The Cura-E has been designed with all of these aspects in mind.

Based on a platform used specifically for gravity riding, the Cura-E is equipped with the latest generation of brake pads designed for very hard and prolonged use, exactly like what is found in e-biking. The Cura-E has been designed to accept all major e-bike brake sensors making it a universal e-bike brake. Thanks to this, the Cura-E is ready to use with all existing motors on the market, ones that require a brake sensor and those that are automatic.

Formula Brake Freno Cura-E